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Xiamen Onestop Import & Export Co., Ltd. traces its roots to Fuzhou Leixinda Stone Factory which started from 1995 and focus on Japanese market for tombstone field

2003    ● Onestop registered in Xiamen.

2006    ● Onestop holds one G654 quarry in Zhangzhou.

2008    ● Onestop invests G682 quarry in Quanzhou and Fantasy White, Rose White quarry in Namibia

2011    ● Onestop holds one G684 quarry and become a shareholder of Fuding Bailin Fuming Stone Company. At the same time, Onestop invests the second quarry in Namibia for granite Imperial Gold and Diamond Gold

2013    ● Onestop acquires one G635 quarry in Zhangzhou. As a shareholder of Guizhou Anshun Kanglin Stone Company, we successfully stepped into wooden grain marble area

2003~2016    ● Onestop achieves strategic cooperation with G383, G687, G302, G603, G654, G664 factories etc.

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