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The Design of the Original Ecological Furnture

Time:1/23/2017 9:30:11 PM      Read:

There is always a place in this world, we call it "home", it may be small enough to look up the door that is all, you can also accommodate a large section of life. However, regardless of size, it must be closely linked with a word, it is not just a stable settled in the land, but also a section of the story of the Ming reporter.The word is "love".Kitchen - record mother's backs and nagging

One of the most frequented in the kitchen, often other members of the most frequent care, even nagging has become an essential life spices.

Most people used to mother every day in the busy back of the kitchenapron skirt on the skilful walk, and the whole kitchen together into sooner or later the most warm landscape. May have left their parents life, but a bright and clean bright and taste of the kitchen, the total reminiscent of the familiar screen, gradually become a new landscape.Love is a personal consolation of the family's hunger.

Flexible use of marble color,Kitchen can also create a gray line of elite temperament Marble table and metal texture of the kitchen with,Create a good light environment,Blue and white color to expand the coastal style of imaginationDining area - taste a family of trivial and warmThe most enjoyable moment of the day, probably the whole family around the table dinner time. In addition to meals at the moment chewing fine, there is the day's emotions, mutual sharing and support.

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